Safaree Gives Fans A Tour Of His Closet - See The Video

Safaree Gives Fans A Tour Of His Closet - See The Video
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Safaree told his fans that he finally finished his closet, and he also makes sure to drop a clip on his social media account. Check out the clip that he posted on IG below.

'I finally finished my closet 🙏🏾and today woke up Trapped in my closet with @traxnyc 🌚 Make sure y’all following him copping that water and staying Informed out there in a world where they don’t want us to know much! No R kellly tho🥴🥴' Safaree said.

A fan posted this: 'And they wonder why they get robbed 🙄😒. No need to share everything on socialmedia!!' and someone else said: 'Why show this to the world u only make yourself a target.'

One other follower said: 'You've got a kid now. There's no point to prove. You rich. Great. Invest now dude,' and someone else posted this: ' It’s all worthless. Thoroughly unimpressed. But if it makes you happy bebe... eye luvEET 😘'

Another followewr said: 'Is all that going to even matter in the AFTER life? Or when he transitions? It's absolutely stunning to be honest Safaree.'

Someone else said: 'Make sure yo security is on 10!!!!! People are not the same these days,' and a follower said: 'Man said he probably didn’t have a closet. 🤣🔥. Great stuff.'

In other recent news, Safaree   just promoted the CBD lifestyle, and you can check out the product that he is advertising these days. Take a look at his post on social media.

Click the link in my bio and be a part of the CBD lifestyle! #Dche' Safaree said.

Safaree dropped an exciting announcement for his fans and followers on social media. Check it out below.

'I’m very excited to bring new, innovative, premium quality products to the market that are heath-driven.

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