Safaree And Erica Mena Will Sit Down With Fans This Weekend To Empower Them During These Difficult Times

Safaree And Erica Mena Will Sit Down With Fans This Weekend To Empower Them During These Difficult Times
Credit: TMZ

Safaree and Erica Mena announced their fans and followers that this weekend they'll offer some advice during these difficult times that we are in these days. Check out more details on Erica's IG post below.

While a lot of haters popped up and said that these two are exploiting their fans, true fans were really happy.

Somoene said: 'Wait did you actually work out to get a body? Or did you go under the knife, Because it’s only been a couple of months your stomach is flatter than mines🤔' and another follower posted this message: 'WHATS UP WITH YALL YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW THAT YALL HOME MAKE SOME VIDEOS PLEASEEEEEE... maybe some challenges... maybe make some or ur cooking vids.'

A commenter wrote: 'Their marriage is a joke honestly, judging by the comments no one takes them seriously. Looking for any way to exploit their followers for money. Who is willing to pay for something they can get for FREE online?'

One other person appreciated what the couple is doing and said: 'Omg did I just see an affordable price for all listed here? Wow you two are incredible! I definitely am interested. Hoping some of your amazing true love.'

Someone else wrote: 'When two self-absorbed, self-centered, vapid, vindictive and money-hungry, narcissists get together. They exploit their gullible and naive followers.'

Another fan appreciated what these two are doing and said: 'Wow so many unnecessary negative comments. 🤦‍♀️ people sound so bitter. I love u and @safaree and the beautiful family u have both created. I sure know you both deserve it. Both have gone through so much.'

One other commenter posted this message: 'This is a great idea..... I really like the 2of u luv to motivate others about keeping their mental as well as their physical self happy and healthy... such an amazing couple....keep up the gd work u guys.💯💯 @iamerica_mena @safaree.'

Diehard fans cannot wait to see what these two prepared.

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