Sadie Robertson Tells All About Her New Relationship With Disney Star - 'Everything's Different' With Him!

Sadie Robertson Tells All About Her New Relationship With Disney Star - 'Everything's Different' With Him!

The announcement arrives just a day after she posted a super adorable picture of them together on an ice cream date. Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson has revealed that she is now in a relationship with actor Austin North!

During a new interview, Sadie explained how they met saying: ‘Austin DMed me on Twitter two summers ago and quickly got out of the DMs by giving me his number. We spent most of that summer calling and texting until things fizzled out just from lack of never actually meeting. Almost two years have gone by, and I was in Los Angeles for my book press, and my friend said she wanted to set me up with someone at Churchome when we went on a Wednesday night, and to my surprise it was Austin!’

It really sounds like it was meant to be!

‘We both laughed and could not believe the randomness of finally meeting [through] a friend who had no idea we knew each other,’ she went on, adding that it was an instant connection.

‘We hung out the next two days I was in town. Then I came back, and he took me on our first date. It is new, but we are both so happy and just having fun.’

North is a Disney star, best known for starring in the show I Didn’t Do It as Logan Watson, but also in Jessie, Kickin’ It and A.N.T. Farm.

He apparently has already met Sadie’s mom, and she totally approved.

‘She was like, 'Wow, he is so your type of person. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and laughs with you.’ We are becoming each other’s best friend. It’s kind of fun.’

Despite the fact that they have only been dating for a month, ‘We both have enough confidence in [our relationship that] we want to share it with people. I’ve always said differently because it is something I have been afraid of, to be publicly official. But with him, everything is different. He is so sweet. He is so much fun. He loves the Lord and is passionate about life. We laugh a lot and, just honestly, both really like each other and ice cream. We are cheesy, but thriving.’


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