Sadie Robertson - Pregnant 'Duck Dynasty' Star Opens Up About Her Scary Experience Having COVID-19!

Sadie Robertson - Pregnant 'Duck Dynasty' Star Opens Up About Her Scary Experience Having COVID-19!
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The pregnant Duck Dynasty star took to social media to reveal that she was hospitalized after testing positive for the COVID-19 virus! While that is really scary, especially since she is with child at the moment, Sadie Robertson confirmed that she, as well as the unborn baby are thankfully both doing well now.

Pregnancy is not the easiest but for Sadie Robertson, that was not the only thing she had to worry about!

In addition to morning sickness, cravings and swollen feet, the 23 year old found herself also experiencing the symptoms of the scary virus that’s taken over the world.

The expectant mother posted a pic of her in the hospital on her IG account and in the caption, she opened up about what happened to her.

‘Life update: I am not going to lie, this has been one of the most challenging things ever. I got COVID and ended up getting really sick. I know everybody experiences COVID differently, but these symptoms are wild. I have definitely struggled through this! Thankfully baby Huff's doing great and healthy, and I'm now healing as well. I am no longer in the hospital (this pic wasn't from today) and I've just about fully recovered. I have learned a lot and I've been challenged in a lot of new ways,’ she shared with her followers.

She went on to mention that she was comforted by her faith while in the hospital dealing with the virus.

Sadie then concluded her message with a sympathetic: ‘My heart and my family’s heart goes out to everyone suffering with COVID.’

Furthermore, Sadie Robertson also revealed that her mom Korie and her sister Bella also tested positive for the virus.


She then assured everyone that they will also be opening up about their experiences with COVID-19 on the October 28 episode of Sadie’s WHOA That’s Good Podcast.


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