Sacha Baron Cohen Brings Borat Back To Life In New Social Media Posts

Sacha Baron Cohen Brings Borat Back To Life In New Social Media Posts
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The Daily News reported today that Sacha Baron Cohen recreated his iconic Borat character as a way of putting the president of the United States of America on blast. Reportedly, Borat Sagdiyev announced the sequel to his first movie, although, it's not clear if it's just a joke or not.

On Friday and Saturday, an account started sarcastically tweeting about how Trump was the best leader of all time and how he had proven himself much stronger than more than "200,000 of his American subjects."

Reportedly, Sacha Baron Cohen has a new project coming out called Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. It's coming out sometime in October. During the same series of social media posts, Cohen also poked fun at Trump's various controversies, including the Stormy Daniels affair.

As most know, the president had been accused of cheating on his pregnant wife of the time, Melania Trump. In the aftermath of the scandal, Trump and Stormy began fighting each other in the courts over various contractual disputes, including the fact she had allegedly violated her non-disclosure agreement not to say anything.

As the story goes, Stormy had received money not to disclose her relationship with the president. These days, the media has all but forgotten about Stormy Daniels, but she has reportedly been working in the adult entertainment industry since.

In addition to poking fun at the president's supposed affair, Borat also joked about how Trump supposedly threw his mask off into the crowd. Either way, fans can look forward to a new project involving the iconic character once again.

Borat was the movie that made Sacha Baron Cohen a massive star after he had his own successful TV series, Da Ali G Show. Following the success of Borat , Cohen went on to create Bruno which was nearly as successful and controversial.


Sacha is known for his pranks which are often filmed live and then portrayed in the films he creates. Cohen has targeted people like Rudy Guliani and many other celebrities , with most of them not participating in the joke, with the exception of Eminem however.

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