Sabrina Parr Speaks Out After She Was Seen Arguing With Lamar Odom's Daughter

Sabrina Parr Speaks Out After She Was Seen Arguing With Lamar Odom's Daughter
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Lamar Odom' s soon-to-be wife Sabrina Parr has been honest about their family dynamic. Just days after she was spotted yelling at her fiance's daughter, she explained that it's complicated.

The Neighborhood Talk reported that Sabrina and Lamar's daughter got into an argument after she allegedly overheard her future stepdaughter criticizing her parenting skills. It was also reported that Lamar's ex checked Parr for what happened.

'The source told us that Sabrina was swimming in the pool and overheard a conversation Destiny was having with a friend on the phone about how people were coming in and out of the house, and smoking a lot of weed with Sabrina’s 5-year-old son around. She made a comment about understanding why Sabrina doesn’t have custody of her son, which set her off,' the blog exclusively reported.



Today, she spoke with The Neighborhood Talk to give some of the backstory.

'What they haven’t told you is that I have spent time with them, kicked it with his daughter, had the kids flown out to LA to surprise their dad and helped orchestrate one on one time for him and the kids. That entire family is hurt by things that happened way before I came around and it’s hard for them to accept anyone when he hasn’t been the best dad to them. I was a daughter of a missing dad so I totally understand which is why I give them room for their process.'


This comes after the athlete's children have both made it clear that they aren't fond of the personal trainer.

When it was first announced that they would be wedding, Lamar Jr took to Instagram to slam the announcement because they found out on social media just like everyone else.

After that fiasco, Destiny Odom also accused the woman of physically abusing her dad.

Sabrina previously said that they are working on their relationship with his children. Hopefully, they are able to come to some kind of understanding.

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  • Sis. Mary
    Sis. Mary Aug 6, 2020 11:59 PM PDT

    Lamar, need to explain his past relationship with his kids. Let his kids know when he had money then he could get the woman he want but now Lamar, is broke he have to settle for who want him.

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