Ryan Seacrest Leaving Kelly Ripa And 'Live'? 'American Idol' Host May Choose Love Over His Busy Career

Ryan Seacrest Leaving Kelly Ripa And 'Live'? 'American Idol' Host May Choose Love Over His Busy Career
Source: ABC/Disney

Ryan Seacrest’s busy schedule is threatening his love life. Between flying to New York every week for Live with Kelly and Ryan to his producing duties in Los Angeles, the American Idol host might have to choose between his girlfriend and career. Will Seacrest ditch Kelly Ripa for love?

An inside source told Radar Online that Seacrest’s romance with Shayna Taylor is on the verge of disaster . The long-distance relationship is simply becoming too difficult to navigate for Seacrest, who is warming up to life in the Big Apple, and Taylor, who absolutely loves living in Los Angeles.

Seacrest is reportedly pushing Taylor to move to New York but she doesn’t want to relocate.

“Ryan sprung this new situation on Shayna almost out of the blue, and that's even by his unpredictable, last-minute standards,” an insider shared.

“He is the first to acknowledge that it's a big deal, but even though he's settling into life in New York, with frequent trips to the west coast, she's fighting to stay in Los Angeles as much as possible and keeping up her own home there.”


The insider claims that Taylor loves everything about L.A. yet Seacrest just wants to go where his job takes him. Unfortunately, a strong-willed Taylor isn’t giving in, which might force Seacrest to choose between her and his future in New York.

Whether or not Seacrest leaves everything behind for Taylor is yet to be seen, but he definitely has a difficult choice ahead of him.

While Seacrest weighs his options, his co-host, Kelly Ripa, is a huge fan of Taylor . In a recent interview, Ripa admitted that she likes it whenever Taylor stops by the set of Live and complimented the model’s good looks.

Seacrest also opened up about his relationship and confessed that Taylor often distracts him too much when she visits the studio.


Ripa added that her co-host is about as genuine as they come and cares a lot about people. She also complimented Seacrest’s hard work ethic and the fact that he supports a number of women’s causes.

While Ripa confessed that Seacrest is a great catch, he named her as his official life coach. Seacrest did not, however, discuss the rumors that he might be leaving Live to fix his broken romance. Only time will tell if Seacrest ditches his career and moves back to L.A.

In the meantime, fans can watch Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa as the co-host Live with Kelly and Ryan weekdays on ABC.


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  • Betty horvath
    Betty horvath Sep 30, 2017 5:32 AM PDT

    Ryan Seacrest is the worst co host ever for Kelly. He is constantly interrupting both her and all the guest in his efforts to be the star which he is not.

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