Ryan Seacrest Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations To "Put The Matter To Rest"

Ryan Seacrest Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations To "Put The Matter To Rest"
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Ryan Seacrest is fighting back against the accusations of sexual harassment against him. Variety published a report alleging that a woman accused him of "unwanted sexual aggression" while she worked for him as a personal stylist.

In a statement shared by the TV host, Seacrest claimed he supports the #MeToo movement and Time's Up initiative wholeheartedly and applauds all of the women who have come forward with their stories.

However, sadly, the American Idol noted, he became accused last fall and informed the network for which he worked. Over the course of a two-month investigation by a third-party, Ryan said they came to the conclusion that he had done no wrongdoing.

Ultimately, as a result of the investigation, the host said his name was "cleared," but he was never worried because he believes in "due process." Seacrest added that Variety published a salacious story detailing the alleged incident and he wants to note that there was "insufficient evidence" to support the allegations.

The host sadly admitted that the publication refused to speak with him or bother with an appropriate investigation into the claims on their own. Had they looked into it, they would've realized he was innocent.

Furthermore, the host alleged that the woman in question wanted money from him on several occasions, a request he denied because he doesn't take his opportunities for granted.

As you may know, Seacrest faced off against the charges back in November of 2017, and E! Online launched an investigation into the claims.

However, after three months of deliberation, there wasn't enough evidence to indict him on any charges. The enterprise said they finished their investigation and concluded Ryan had done nothing wrong.

As you may know, the misconduct case against Ryan is just one of many to hit the news in recent months, with the entertainment industry among others facing off against a plethora of allegations.

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