Ryan Reynolds Says BFF Jake Gyllenhaal Cooks Better Than Wife Blake Lively!

Ryan Reynolds Says BFF Jake Gyllenhaal Cooks Better Than Wife Blake Lively!
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On Thursday’s episode of Good Morning America, Ryan Reynolds talked about his Life co-star and close friend Jake Gyllenhaal and he couldn’t help but praise him. The bromance between the two actors warmed the fans’ hearts and many were amazed to see how close the two really were.

"I easily think he's the most interesting actor working in Hollywood today," Reynolds gushed about Gyllenhaal.

Aside from being very good at his job, Jake is also a wonderful person, according to Ryan.

"Definitely one of my favorites. At the same time, he's just one of the kindest guys I've ever met."

Well, they definitely are the best of friends and it’s very good that they also live close to each other and hang out a lot. Reynolds revealed that Gyllenhaal visits him and his wife, Blake Lively pretty often.

Furthermore, the actor also claimed that although Blake is quite the skilled cook, his BFF might just be even better!

"He comes over and Blake, my wife, is very good at cooking, [but] Jake might be just a little bit better. He can throw down."

In Life, Reynolds and Gyllenhaal play Roy Adams and David Johnson, two crew members aboard the International Space Station. The plot of the film revolves around discovering and destroying an organism from Mars!

"It's hard to find great stories these days like this one. Great stories that contain real tension," Reynolds said about the film.

"I think there are numerous third and fourth dimensions in this movie that play psychologically with these things that we fear and then, being out of control in more ways than one. Not just physically in space," Gyllenhaal added.

Starting March 24, you can watch Life in theaters!

What did you think about the actors’ heartwarming friendship?


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