Ryan Reynolds Reveals That He's Not Pushing 'Gender Normative' Ideas On His Children

Ryan Reynolds Reveals That He's Not Pushing 'Gender Normative' Ideas On His Children
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The coronavirus pandemic has some celebrities feeling a bit introspective and personal. The Indian Express reported on comments from the Deadpool actor earlier today in which the star revealed his and his wife's strategy for raising their children.

As most know, the world is currently on lockdown, especially nations like the United States and Canada, and these quarantine measures apply to even celebrities, including Ryan and Blake Lively. The couple is currently staying in their home along with their three children.

During a recent conversation with Stephen Colbert, the Deadpool alum shared what's been going on in his life lately. The actor, who has been spending much of his time around his wife, three daughters, and his mother-in-law, claimed that he doesn't mind it at all.

When asked if he missed having male friends around him, Ryan joked that he didn't miss men that much before going on to say that "most men tend to just be the architects of someone's demise." The actor went on to say that it was crucial for him and his wife not to enforce what he described as "gender normative" ideas onto their kids.

Reynolds claimed his children have been wanting to make dresses, including hot pink dresses, and so that's what he's been doing with them. As fans of the actor know, Ryan is known for his sartorial and sarcastic sense of humor.

Earlier this year, Mr. Reynolds took to his Twitter to joke about the sense of self-importance among celebrities. He went on his account and said that he had a "very important message" from a "very important celebrity," before going on to deliver the punchline.

Ryan said that celebrities were very important, next to, of course, health care workers among several other professions, even throwing in mannequins for added measure.

Earlier, Suzy Kerr also reported on Ryan's joke in which he said he has been drinking a lot at home to keep himself entertained and in a good mood.

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