Ryan Reynolds Releases Mock Political Ads Making Fun Of Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds Releases Mock Political Ads Making Fun Of Hugh Jackman
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Ryan Reynolds likes to shade other Hollywood actors, but it's all in good fun, of course. The actor recently poked fun at Hugh Jackman in a mock political advertisement about The Greatest Showman  alum.

On Friday, Ryan released the ad which runs for approximately 45 seconds and talks about Jackman's latest film, The Front Runner,  in which he portrayed the presidential candidate, Gary Hart.

Ryan says in the video that Jackman appears to have "fooled some people into thinking that he deserves an award." In the clip, Ryan said everyone should consider the fact that "Hugh Jackman" isn't even his real name.

"It's actually Hugh Michael Jackman," Ryan says in the video, highlighting the birth certificate that appears in the middle of the screen. The Deadpool alum goes on to say that Hugh is actually from Milwaukee, and doesn't really have an accent.

Moreover, in Ryan's view, the actor contributed to the unemployment rate because he walked "off the job on Wolverine ." Ryan goes on to say that perhaps Hugh isn't the right actor to give a "preachy liberal speech" at the awards ceremony this season.

Ryan joked that perhaps it would be better if an actor from a neighboring country won instead, referring to himself, as Ryan is actually from the nation to the north, Canada.

In the conclusion of the video, Ryan says, "I'm not Ryan Reynolds, and I approve this message." As fans of Hugh know, his role on The Greatest Showman received critical acclaim. And on Twitter, he uploaded a video of himself cleaning dog poop off of a Ryan Reynolds-photograph.

Fans will remember that Ryan made fun of Hugh in the latest installment of the Deadpool franchise, Deadpool 2. Jackman isn't the only person that Ryan loves to tease.

In the first Deadpool movie, his character mocks the voice of soccer star, David Beckham, who is known not only for his skills on the field and good looks but for his relatively high voice. High voice or not, Beckham has a lot of lady fans, due, in part, to his modeling campaign with the company, H & M. Deadpool didn't care, however.

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