Ryan Reynolds Jokes That He Is 'Mostly Drinking' While In Self-Quarantine With Wife & Three Daughters

Ryan Reynolds Jokes That He Is 'Mostly Drinking' While In Self-Quarantine With Wife & Three Daughters
Credit: Source: Twitter

Ryan Reynolds is coping with self-isolation the best he can while at home with his wife Blake Lively and their three daughters. The Deadpool star appeared via video chat on A Late Show With Stephen Colbert at Home on Wednesday night, and he gave some insight on how he and Lively are handling life at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re doing a lot of home-schooling,” said the 43-year-old actor. “We’re lucky enough to have a little, tiny garden, so we’re learning a little bit about gardening. We’re trying to make this an educational experience, but I’m mostly drinking.”

Reynolds also revealed that he has made dresses out of tissue paper with his young daughters, saying that he wasn’t trying to push gender-normative ideas on his kids. However, each one of them “came out that chute” really wanting to wear dresses and hot pink all day.

Reynolds and Lively are the parents of James, 5, Inez, 3, and a third daughter who was born in 2019. However, the couple has not revealed her name or birth date.

The Aviator Gin owner also praised his mother-in-law, Elaine Lively, calling her a “lifesaver.” Reynolds said that it has been incredible to have her with his family at home, and she doesn’t know it yet but she’s “emergency food if this gets real.” Getting serious, Reynolds said that it has been great to have Lively’s mom help out.

Reynolds also jokingly made it clear that he “wouldn't hesitate” to eat his wife and daughters, if needed for survival.

Reynolds and Lively have been incredibly generous during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they have donated $1 million to Feeding America and food banks in Canada. In their donation announcement, Reynolds wrote: “I think we can all agree, COVID-19 is an “a-hole.”

The couple has also made a personal donation of $100,000 to each of the four hardest hit New York hospitals - Elmhurst, NYU Hospital, Mount Sinai, and Northern Westchester.

When Blake Lively shared the news of the donations, she told her fans to stay connected amid social distancing with Facetime and Skype videos. She also asked her fans to tell Ryan Reynolds that “emotional distancing” from his mother-in-law “is not a thing.” She added that “nothing can save him.”

Reynolds and Lively are also donating 30 percent of their Aviation Gin proceeds to help bartenders who are out of work at the moment. And, it turns out that Reynolds also owns Mint Mobile, and he sent out a robocall to all of his customers to let them know that they would get free unlimited data through May 14th.


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