Ryan Reynolds Is Selling 'Obscenely Boring' T-Shirts To Help Raise Money For COVID-19 Healthcare Workers

Ryan Reynolds Is Selling 'Obscenely Boring' T-Shirts To Help Raise Money For COVID-19 Healthcare Workers
Credit: Source: Twitter

Over the past few weeks, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have donated a lot of money during the novel coronavirus pandemic to help those on the front lines. And now, the couple is helping out the Canadian nonprofit Conquer COVID-19 by selling “obscenely boring” shirts.

On Thursday, Reynolds took to Instagram and posted a video promoting the fundraiser while wearing the boring tee. The Deadpool star told his fans that he and Lively were “asking every Canadian to purchase this t-shirt. And, as you can see, it is boring as f*ck.”

“One hundred percent of the proceeds of this horrific shirt are gonna go to buying PPE for frontline personnel in our most vulnerable communities,” explained Reynolds. “Now, I know that’s not an exciting prospect or point, but the faster we get those guys protected, the faster they get us back to boring.”

The 43-year-old joked that the shirt was so “unremarkable” that it makes people who wear it completely invisible. Reynolds said that his mother-in-law is self-isolating with him and his family, and she has been looking for him for days.

At the end of the video, fans can hear Lively’s mom calling for Reynolds, and he just sits quiet and still so he couldn’t be seen or heard.

On his Instagram Story, Lively joined Reynolds for a pic, and in the caption the actor wrote that his followers could wear the t-shirt to “unimpress” their friends. On her Instagram Story, Lively posted the same pic and wrote that she “literally fell asleep looking at this shirt.” However, she was promoting it because it was for a good cause.

Last month, Reynolds and Lively donated $1 million to split between Feeding America and Food Banks Canada so they could continue to feed older adults and low income families who have been “brutally impacted” by COVID-19.

Reynolds told his fans that the organizations needed financial help, and if possible they should consider donating to the cause. He also reminded his fans to take care of their bodies and hearts, leave room for joy, and call someone who is isolated because they might need connection.

“I think we can all agree, Covid-19 is an a*shole,” wrote Ryan Reynolds.


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