Ryan Reynolds Credits Wife Blake Lively For Helping To Restore His Relationship With His Late Father

Ryan Reynolds Credits Wife Blake Lively For Helping To Restore His Relationship With His Late Father
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Familial relationships can be tenuous and difficult and no one knows that better than actor Ryan Reynolds. He had a fractured and complicated relationship with his father for quite some time prior to his death in 2015 after suffering from Parkinson's disease for almost two decades.

The Deadpool 2 star revealed that his father was a "tough guy" and that he was hard on his kids in many ways.

Reynolds notes that his admittance of this fact isn't meant to be some type of sob story but that everyone has their own variations of what they deal with in their life with a parent or family member.

The actor admits that growing up in his house wasn't easy nor relaxing at any time and as a result, he dealt with a lot of anxiety because of his father's disposition.

His father was a former cop, former boxer and "full-time landmine" which can certainly lend itself to a complex type of individual to deal with.

Reynolds credits his wife, actress Blake Lively, with the gift of foresight by encouraging him to repair his relationship with his ailing father.

After the father-son reconciliation, the couple even named their first child, a little girl, after his father, James.

The actor admits that it felt right regardless of the struggles he had with his dad in the past. He admits that every single family comes with relationships that may consist of various complications.

His father passed away soon after their first daughter was born but that he got to meet her which was important to Reynolds.

As far as who he is as a father now that it's his turn, Reynolds loves being a father. He proudly boasts about his kids and says that being a dad is truly the best thing that's ever happened to him.

He likely has learned a lot from his own father, both in the ways he'd like to emulate him and ways he'd like to do things much differently.

He is a reminder that parents often do the best they can and while everyone falls short, it is simply because they are human beings after all.

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