Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Seen On Rare Outing In New York

Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Seen On Rare Outing In New York
Source: today.com

As fans already know, the happy Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively couple really enjoy their privacy and their family home time and because of that it is very difficult to see them anywhere else other than on the small or big screen or at official events. Recently however, the fans received a treat as the couple made their public appearance on the streets of New York on March 4.

Reynolds and Lively took their two daughters, 2 years old James and 5 months old baby Ines along on the rare family outing. As they were leaving a brunch place in Soho in New York City, the family of four was spotted by the paparazzi who did not hesitate to take pictures of the rare occurrence.

The family was wearing comfortable and warm clothes, fit for the chilly March morning in the Big Apple.

Reynolds and Lively have spent $2 million on a cozy countryside home in Bedfort New York where they spend most of their days in complete domestic bliss and rarely come out to the big city.

"They moved to the suburbs, which has a pretty conservative lifestyle. They also picked a very traditional kind of house for people who work in Hollywood. They wanted a house with character, not a trendy, modern house," revealed a trusty source.

"Their place is very homey," the source continued. "[Lively] is very domestic."

This particular outing is in fact the first time since Reynolds has been spotted in public after his former wife, Scarlett Johansson filed for a divorce.

Johansson and Reynolds were married from 2008 to 2011 and after their divorce, the actor married Lively in 2012.


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