Ryan Reynolds Admits He Just Might Be A Kate Beckinsale Doppelganger

Ryan Reynolds Admits He Just Might Be A Kate Beckinsale Doppelganger
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Fans of Kate Beckinsale will recall when the actress said to Jimmy Fallon that she thought she and Ryan Reynolds looked a lot alike. Apparently, Ryan Reynolds came out to say he couldn't help but agree with the sentiment claims a new report from Just Jared.

When he spoke with the hosts of Today on the 12th of December, the 43-year-old actor claimed whenever he looked at Kate Beckinsale, it was like looking in the mirror. Ryan jokingly said on the show that he was even considering wearing a similar dress.

In all seriousness though, Ryan admitted it wasn't the first time he heard that he and Kate looked similar. In fact, other people have mentioned it to him on a regular basis over the years. Earlier this year, Kate took to her Instagram to point out she was one of the most Google Searched actresses.

Moreover, the actress joked that many of the searches were probably just wondering how she managed to put on muscle for her role in the Deadpool movies. Even though Ryan and Kate both have children of their own, it's clear they still have the time to joke around.

Us Magazine reported earlier this year that Ryan has been busy working on his career, but he likes to spend as much time as possible with his children. Fans of Ryan and Blake Lively know they just welcomed their third child into the world this year.

When he spoke with Hoda Kotb on Today, Ryan admitted leaving his family is becoming increasingly difficult as the years go by and his kids slowly get older. According to the National Lampoon's Van Wilder alum, when his children ask where he's going and why he's leaving them, it gets tougher.

A source who spoke with the aforementioned outlet in October of this year explained Ryan was doing everything in his power to spend as much time with his kids as possible. It's truly a priority to him at this point in time.

Ryan and Blake have three kids following their marriage in September of 2012, including Inez, James, and their third baby.

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