Ryan Phillippe Says He's 'Saddened And Disgusted' By Abuse Allegations: 'This Is Not Who I Am'

Ryan Phillippe Says He's 'Saddened And Disgusted' By Abuse Allegations: 'This Is Not Who I Am'
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Ryan Phillippe took to social media today to claim that he was completely ‘saddened and disgusted’ by his former girlfriend Elsie Hewitt’s abuse allegations. The actor denies that he ever did such a thing and claims his ex is lying for monetary gain.

‘I’m saddened and disgusted by the false allegations being circulated about me. At the time these allegations were initially made, I fully cooperated with law enforcement and an investigation was conducted. As a man, raised by women, in a household where women's rights, feminism and advocacy were at the forefront, I’m sickened that my name can be found in any article where domestic violence’s being alleged,’ he tweeted.

Ryan went on to say that in his 25 years of being a public figure, many false things have been said about him and he is aware it is something celebs need to accept.

However, this time is totally different as domestic violence is a real issue that many women go through.

That being said, he believes it’s offensive towards actual victims to use domestic violence as a plot to slander someone or for monetary gain.

Finally, he added that what his accuser says is 100% false and that he is not that sort of person.

Hewitt is suing Phillippe for no less than $1 million after she accused him of punching and kicking her as well as picking her up and throwing her ‘like a doll’ down a flight of stairs.

After she filed a police report, the woman was granted an emergency protective order back in July, which denies Ryan from being less than 100 feet from her.

Who do you believe is telling the truth?

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