Are Ryan Phillippe And Katy Perry Dating? Ryan Says "No!"

Are Ryan Phillippe And Katy Perry Dating? Ryan Says "No!"

Ryan Phillippe is sick of the helicopters flying over his house! The actor took to twitter to explain he definitely is not dating Katy Perry and he doesn't seem pleased.

Tabloid reports have been claiming the actor and pop star were hanging out together at Elton John's birthday party. Sir Elton John had his 70th birthday bash on March 25th and it was filled with celebrities including Perry and Phillippe.

Sources claimed the pair were having a bit of fun together! Phillippe sat down next to her for a conversation filled with giggling and touching and at one point he even had his hand on her knee.

Ryan went on Twitter on Sunday of April 9th and wrote an emphatic message in all capital letters.


A fan wrote on Twitter they wished the celebrity duo was dating and he responded by saying he didn't mind people feeling that way but he doesn't want "low flying perv's hovering periodically." It seems understandable!

Katy hasn't commented yet on the rumors or Ryan's declaration that they're not dating.

Perry split with Orlando Bloom in late February after less than a year of dating. Allegedly, Katy was the one who pulled the plug on the relationship over a number of different things that happened in the months preceding their breakup. The source claimed the pair still loves each other a lot and getting back together could be a possibility!

Another source claimed the couple still talk to each other and text and have even hung out a couple of times.

Ryan was dating his fiancée Paulina Slagter, but eventually, they split in November of last year. He co-parents two children Ava, and Deacon whom he shares with Reese Witherspoon. Looks like the romance the fans were hoping for won't come to fruition after all.

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