Ryan Murphy Posts First Pic Of Macaulay Culkin In Character Ahead Of 'American Horror Story' Season 10!

Ryan Murphy Posts First Pic Of Macaulay Culkin In Character Ahead Of 'American Horror Story' Season 10!
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Fans of American Horror Story feel like they have been waiting for this forever but here it is - the first sneak peek at Macaulay Culkin's season 10 character! Ryan Murphy took to social media to share a pic that shows Macaulay posing with co-star Leslie Grossman on a beach!

The creator was super excited to share this first look at the character and the anthology's upcoming new season, especially since it's been majorly postponed because of obvious reasons.

Culkin and Grossman can be seen on a walk on a beach, seemingly in the middle of winter since they were both dressed in warm clothing featuring a lot of furs.

Grossman also shared the same photo, captioning it with the usual: 'Something wicked this way comes.'

As always, the theme of the season is kept under wraps, with the exception of very small but intriguing clues fans love to try and decipher.

Last May, during an interview for E! News, Murphy shared that he tempted Culkin to join the AHS cast by telling him about a 'very great insane part' involving 'crazy, erotic sex with Kathy Bates,' as well as other details that Murphy kept quiet about as to not spoil it for the viewers.

As for Culkin, he stated that he felt like it was the role he was just born to portray so there was no way he could have said no to the offer!

Other clues about the season previously shared have been a picture of sharp teeth and a fountain pen writing on a tongue as well as a picture of a beach but aside from these, the next season is a complete mystery at this point.

Because of the pandemic, 2020 was the very first year since its premiere that AHS did not release a season in the fall.

However, the script has been finished for months, and seeing how production is underway, it should start airing soon!


For now, however, no premiere date has been announced!


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