Ryan Higa Cheated On Arden Cho? - Here's Why Fans Are Convinced And His Response!

Ryan Higa Cheated On Arden Cho? - Here's Why Fans Are Convinced And His Response!
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Did Ryan Higa cheat on Arden Cho and that is what led to their split? For a while, the YouTube star and the actress seemed like the internet’s sweetest couple but the two have quietly broken up and no one knows the reason why.

That being said, social media users were happy to finally get the theories going and they came up with the speculations that Ryan cheated.

It all started with the Teen Wolf star posting a sad and angry message both in Korean and English on her IG Stories that seemed to not so subtly hint at a breakup and someone cheating.

They were song lyrics that she was apparently writing but since artists tend to get inspired by their own lives when they make music, many started assuming that Ryan must have betrayed Arden.

It did not take long for the YouTuber to take to Twitter and address the rumors, saying: ‘Idk who decided that I was relevant enough to start a rumor on me, but NO, I didn't cheat on Arden at any point throughout our relationship. Sorry to spoil your quarantine boredom.’

Just hours before, Arden had written on her Instagram Stories: ‘I hate you and all your lies. Makes me wish that I could turn back the time. To a better day before I called you mine.’

In yet another story, Arden went on to tell her followers that she was writing ‘another sad song,’ and also did not mention who it was about but people still assumed it was based on reality!

This comes a week after Ryan returned to his YouTube channel after three months, posting a video in which he confirmed he was single.

‘I am no longer dating anyone. I am not dating Ms. Chay anymore. I know some of you have already figured it out because of looking at our other social medias, but I never really said anything here on YouTube,’ he told his subscribers, adding that it was 'mutual' and 'not a messy breakup.'

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