Ryan Henry Of Black Ink Crew Reveals He Slept With His Best Friend's Baby Mother While He Had Cancer

Ryan Henry Of Black Ink Crew Reveals He Slept With His Best Friend's Baby Mother While He Had Cancer
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This drama seems way deeper than a storyline. Ryan Henry of Black Ink Crew has finally broken his silence after being accused of sleeping with his best friend's baby mother.

Anthony Lindsay took to social media last week to reveal that Ryan had been hooking up with his ex, Nina for over a year and a half. To make things even worse, Anthony revealed that Henry is his son's godfather and that he had been having a bout with cancer at the time.

Ryan's mother took to social media to slam Anthony for making her son's business public.

Lindsay also revealed that Ryan threatened to beat him up because he told Henry's baby mother about the situation.

However, Henry remained silent on the situation for quite some time.

Yesterday, he took to social media to address the claims and own up to his actions.

'I hurt people that I care about badly. I disrespected them. I disrespected myself. I disrespected my family—all of our families.'

He went on to say that his depression may have played a factor in his bad decisions.

However, he understands the responsibility falls solely on himself.

'This is me publicly letting y’all know that I did apologize to him. I’m apologizing to y’all for getting something like this no matter how far the mess-up is. I hurt a lot of people when it came to that, so I’m apologizing publicly in the same way I’ve apologized privately. For the embarrassment that I’ve caused, the pain that I’ve caused everybody.'

He also added that he hopes he can repair the relationships he's broken but understands that it may not be possible.

Meanwhile, Nina took to Instagram to make it clear that she was never married to Anthony and hasn't been with him. She claims she will go live to explain her side of the situation.

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