Ryan Gosling Wishes He Didn't Quit Ballet When He Was Younger

Ryan Gosling Wishes He Didn't Quit Ballet When He Was Younger

Even the most bankable Hollywood leading man, one who oozes charisma and talent, has regrets. Especially ones of the childhood variety. Before he became one of the most recognizable stars around, Ryan Gosling was being groomed for stardom as he's been singing, acting and dancing since he was a child.

His role on the Mickey Mouse Club at age 12 started him on the path to a lucrative career in the entertainment industry. In a recent interview with The Red Bulletin, Gosling explains that he took part in many different lessons in dance, theatre, and singing as a kid.

One of the areas he struggled in most was ballet. Gosling admits when looking back on his beginnings as a child, he wishes he would have been more committed to ballet and dancing in general.

It's hard to pinpoint his weaknesses on the dance floor when his moves in crowd pleasing film, La La Land , received praise. One of the key issues seemed to be the perception surrounding the style of dance.

"It was a struggle for me. I had an option to do ballet when I was a kid, but thought it was too girly. So I didn't spend the time on it that I should have. But I really wish that I had, because it can bring such a benefit to your life," says the actor.

While he did immerse himself in other dance classes, the technique learned from ballet would have undoubtedly made him a stronger dancer and may have benefited him in other ways as well.

This lingering regret is actually strong enough that he still drops into class every once and awhile. During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he admitted that he still dabbles in ballet when he has time.

Between filming schedules and being a dad of two young girls, he drops into a ballet class when he can.

He claims to be terrible and that everyone is so much better than he but at least he continues to make it a point to try!

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