Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendez are quitting Hollywood

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendez are quitting Hollywood
Source: thesavannahbananas.com

It looks like two of the biggest stars in Hollywood are over the celebrity life. Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are both planning to quit Hollywood and look for their dream house in Gosling’s native land – Canada.

According to an insider, “They are tired of the hustle bustle of Los Angeles and want to raise their daughters,” Esmeralda, who is 2 years old, and 7 month-old Amada, “in a homey environment.” It sounds like a reasonable thing to do. But we are sure their fans in the States are going to miss them after they move to the ‘maple country’.

However surprising as the news might be, this is not the first time the two actors shocked their fans with an announcement of sorts – like the fact that they were married?!

The two stars’ marriage was kept a secret for a whole year. Gosling and Mendez said their vows and tied the knot with only their family and close friends present. Furthermore, Eva Mendez managed to somehow hide her protruding belly for the entire nine months she was pregnant with their second baby.

Now, the successful actors are thinking of leaving behind the noisy and stressful city life of Los Angeles and start again somewhere they can live like an ordinary family for the sake of their daughters. They need an environment in which their personalities will not be negatively influenced by their status and “I have everything” mentality, like it happens to many Hollywood stars’ children.

How do the two actors imagine their ideal home to be? Well, aside from the convenience and looks side-of-things, Ryan is thinking of choosing a home with a sentimental value as well.

“They’re looking to buy a home in the Montreal area, where Ryan spent part of his childhood,” explained the source.

“Eva and Ryan have talked this over a long time and this move feels so right.”


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