Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes - The Quarantine Has Only Strengthened Their Marriage, Source Says - Here's How!

Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes - The Quarantine Has Only Strengthened Their Marriage, Source Says - Here's How!
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While a lot of couples are struggling and even splitting up due to the quarantine putting a lot of pressure on their relationships, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are one of the pairs whose bonds have only gotten stronger during the COVID-19 lockdown!

One insider shared with HollywoodLife that the actors are 'such a team' when it comes to raising their two daughters, Esmerelda, 5, and Amada, 4, in isolation as well as in all other aspects of their marriage!

The source explained that 'Ryan and Eva have been isolated at home with their kids just like everyone else. They don't have nannies so they're going through the same thing as all the other parents out there. It can be stressful at times, but they're solid. It helps that they're such a team.'

Ryan has apparently been doing everything in his power to make his beautiful wife and daughters happy during this challenging time.

After all, the insider stressed that 'Ryan's not the kind of dad that just hides in his office. He's in the kitchen making the meals, he's outside playing games, he does bedtimes, whatever is needed he does, it's a very equal partnership.'

Speaking of, Eva has actually raved about her husband's skills in the kitchen before.

Back in February, she replied to a fan wondering if she cooks at all, saying that: 'Ryan is an amazing chef AND baker. For reals. Incredible. No joke. I'm not sure that what I do is cooking. It's more like steaming veggies and juicing and making rice. He really cooks. I survive.'

As you can imagine, many people could not help but praise The Notebook actor after learning about his cooking talent, calling him perfect and Eva very lucky and more!

All in all, the source concluded that the Hollywood couple's experience with the pandemic 'is making their bond that much stronger,' since they are going through it together and really being there for each other in every sense of the word.

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