Ryan Adams Facing FBI Investigation Following Claims Of Inappropriately Interacting With Underage Girl

Ryan Adams Facing FBI Investigation Following Claims Of Inappropriately Interacting With Underage Girl
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Approximately one day after Ryan Adams was accused of abuse by multiple women, it was revealed that the FBI had begun investigating his past and supposed relations with a 14-year-old girl, now 20-years-old. The federal institution is trying to find out whether he had inappropriate contact with a minor.

In a report from the New York Times, the outlet claims the FBI has started taking the very first steps in the investigation based on the charges first stated in their report from yesterday. It was alleged that the musician and producer had texted a girl who was between the ages of 14 and 16.

Around that time, Adams was 40-years-old. The Times claims sexually exploiting a girl under the age of 18-years-old is a federal offense, and it includes some serious jail time if convicted. Adams, in the text messages, apparently told the purported victim, "Ava," to tell him she was 18-years-old as well as to keep their messages private.

Furthermore, The Times accused the ex-husband of Mandy Moore of asking for sexually provocative photos from Ava, and also referred to some of her body parts with what they called, "pet names." According to Ava, via the NYT, Adams was naked the first time they spoke over Skype.

However, they never met in person. Through his lawyer, Adams denied all wrongdoing and claims he didn't know she was underage. Moreover, he alleged that he thought she was approximately 20-years-old around the time of their conversations.

Now, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is getting ready to interview Ava, now 20-years-old. They're also looking to find the text messages as well. Both of their cell phone records will be subpoenaed. The federal authorities will speak with her family members and friends to determine if the allegations have merit.

Neither the FBI or the spokesperson for the young woman in the story have spoken with the outlet since. Adams claims he hasn't spoken with the local law enforcement yet.

This will just be one allegation following the explosive #MeToo movement that first began in late 2017 with Harvey Weinstein. In recent months, the allegations appear to revolve around inappropriate sexual contact with minors.

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