Russell Wilson Shares The Secrets To His Successful Marriage With Ciara!

Russell Wilson Shares The Secrets To His Successful Marriage With Ciara!
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Ciara and Russell Wilson have been married for almost five years and they are still going strong! That being said, the man revealed how they kept their romance alive all these years!

During an interview for Entertainment Tonight, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback shared the secrets to their relationship, saying that communication and making sure to always love each other are key!

'You got to keep it sexy, you got to keep it romantic. You have to constantly put each other first, and we also have our date nights every Friday. We try to have our one on one time and make sure we spend quality time doing something fun together. That is one key thing,' he said when revealing how they keep the flame burning.

He went on to stress that communicating is also really important when making sure that a marriage lasts.

'We are always talking, we are always loving on each other, making sure we are constantly asking how we are doing, this and that. We always want to make sure that our souls are well…So communication, keeping it sexy, and the third part of is, as a man we got to keep competing. I think that too many times as men, we get so settled down on, you know, ‘OK, we are good. OK cool.’ And I think you got to keep that energy throughout every day, throughout every week because it’s worth it. It is worth it and I like winning.'

And that is not all! Russell also made sure to mention just how important helping out is, especially in the case of couples that, like the two of them, share kids together!

Taking care of the young ones should be a skill both parents have.

At some point during the interview, Russell also confessed that his greatest fear is losing Ciara, telling the world that she 'means everything to' him.

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