Russell Wilson Pays Touching Tribute To Kobe Bryant Almost A Year After His Death

Russell Wilson Pays Touching Tribute To Kobe Bryant Almost A Year After His Death
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Russell Wilson took to social media to post a heartfelt message dedicated to the late Kobe and Gianna Bryant. Check out what he had to say!

Wilson also reflected on his career and a very pivotal moment in it and shared a rather optimistic and hopeful message to the world while talking about the late legend and his daughter who lost their lives in a tragic helicopter crash almost a year ago.

The NFL player posted a video on his IG account earlier today, and in it, he was rocking a Kobe Bryant jersey and a pair of Grinch-style Nikes, which the NBA superstar had also made famous.

'Dear Kobe and GiGi... Thanks for being such an inspiration. #Mamba #24 #8 #2,' Russell wrote alongside the video, in the caption.

The tribute had him walking into the stadium as sombre music played in the background.

The footage was apparently recorded at Lumen Field and comes a couple of days after his team managed to get a place in the playoffs by capturing the NFC West title.

Wilson addressed the late sports star by saying that 'Your family means a lot to family. We love you all. For this game, we had to bring the Mamba mentality.'

He went on to share that Kobe was on his mind during Sunday's game.

As fans know, Wilson, his wife Ciara and Kobe and his wife Vanessa were really close friends.


Russell continued by saying that 'This is what I found out in 2020: Life's so much bigger than just this game. It comes down to our family, to our loved ones, comes down to grace, comes down to how we treat and how we love one another. And the one thing that I have found out and really understood in 2020 is, nothing is promised. The good thing is, there's hope. Hope lies in god, it lies in our faith, it lies in a new day.'


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