Russell Wilson Debuts New Hairstyle In Sweet Pictures With Ciara -- Fans Have A Lot To Say About The Summer Braids

Russell Wilson Debuts New Hairstyle In Sweet Pictures With Ciara -- Fans Have A Lot To Say About The Summer Braids
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Summer is here, and Ciara is not the one rocking new hair -- her husband, Russell Wilson, has decided to debut sexy braids while attending a New York Yankees game.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson and their son, Future, wore matching Yankees gear as they enjoyed their evening.

Russell posed for the camera for several pictures with his family and showed off his cornrows.

Fans have a lot to say about the hairstyle with many saying that if Ciara likes it, they love it.

One person said: "Don’t matter what we think, and it’s what CIARA HIS WIFE thinks."

Another Instagrammer shared: "He takes care of his wife and family - he can wear his hair any way he pleases."

This follower revealed: "His wife likes it, and that’s literally the only opinion that matters 🤷🏾‍♀️Stop bothering Russ! He is out here holding it down for his wife n fam. Real grown man."

A social media user added: "When you’re as good of a man as he is, you can do no wrong. ❤️🔥amazing husband and father, he can do whatever he wants."

In a recent interview, Ciara praised Russell for being a great husband and loving father.

Ciara said: "Before I met my husband, I went through one of the most challenging phases of my life. I was a single mom, and I had never been in that place before. That really made me stop and take a look back on the journey, and I was like, 'Okay, I've gotta change something up here.'"

She added: "I did meet the love of my life sooner than I'd planned and kind of thought I was going to in my life. In my mind, I thought I would be single for four years, and I met him actually when my son was ten months old. And that was an extraordinary moment because he came into our lives and was ready to love the both of us with everything. He was changing diapers. When our son -- I say our son -- when [Baby] Future made his first steps, he was just as excited as I was. God is good because I really didn't know that would happen. I really was like, 'I'm going to be single for four years. I'm sitting still. I'm going to just be still for a second. Lemme just figure this out.' And he came in our lives way sooner than I ever thought would happen."

Ciara is focusing on her own happiness.

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