Russell Crowe Was Offended After "Deadpool 2" Creators Asked Him To Audition

Russell Crowe Was Offended After "Deadpool 2" Creators Asked Him To Audition

Russell Crowe apparently has his own set of standards when it comes to what kind of movie he considers worthy of his talent. Rob Liefeld, the comic book writer, and maker of  Deadpool  revealed in a new interview that Russell Crowe harshly turned down a role because he felt it  - or rather the way he was asked - was insulting to his integrity.

Truth be told, it wasn't the character that bothered Russell, it was the fact that a director suggested he audition for a part in a manner that most accomplished actors don't engage in.

One night when Rob was on the internet, he jokingly tweeted out a message to Mr. Crowe, suggesting that he read for a part.

In an interview with Collider, he explained to the journalist that he sent a tweet to Russell asking him to read for the role. However, Crowe has been an established award-winning actor for a long time, so asking someone like him to read for a part was considered as an insult.

Rob said the whole situation didn't turn out well, as Russell "yelled" at him online, and then his manager responded and said, "Yeah, Russell doesn't read for parts."

Not long after, some people from Fox called him and began yelling at him for an hour for tweeting the message to Mr. Crowe. However, thankfully, Josh Brolin stepped in as the cyborg warrior, and everything turned out fine.

In Russell's defense, he's had a rough past few years, considering he divorced from his ex-wife and sold many of his belongings in an auction. Azealia Banks is also suing him for supposedly choking her.

However, if the reports are true, the police investigated the incident and witnesses at the party claim Azealia was in the wrong, and Russell was merely defending himself.

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