Russell Crowe Says That He And Ed Sheeran Once Took Shots Out Of Johnny Cash's Grammy Award

Russell Crowe Says That He And Ed Sheeran Once Took Shots Out Of Johnny Cash's Grammy Award
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During Russell Crowe's appearence on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Thursday, the Oscar-winning actor shared a story that many fans of Johnny Cash would appreciate, although, some might find it disrespectful.

According to Crowe, he and Ed Sheeran have hung out on a number of occasions, and on one particular night, he and the singer-songwriter took shots out of the Grammy Award given to Johnny Cash. Russell says that Ed asked him where the Grammy was, and so he went and grabbed it for them to drink out of.

As for their drink of choice, he and Ed drank Jack Daniels out of the Grammy award. Corden said to him in response that it might be one of the greatest show business stories he's ever heard. "Bless you for sharing that," Corden remarked.

During the same portion of the show, Crowe also celebrated the 20th anniversary of the film that made him a massive star, Gladiator. Additionally, Crowe shared what it's been like to work behind the scenes of his new thriller movie, Unhinged , which will come out in theaters on the 10th of July.

Earlier this year, Russell was in the news once again for his role in the iconic period film that sparked a wave of similar movies on account of its massive success. Russell explained how he and Ridley Scott came to the conclusion that there was simply no way Crowe's character could live in the end.

Fans of the movie will remember when Crowe's character, Maximus, overcomes all odds as a slave and becomes respected by the men he's surrounded by.

During his final fight with the emperor, the son of Marcus Aurelius - who murdered his father to take the throne - punctures his lungs right before they head out on the battlefield.

Despite the fatal wound, Maximus manages to out-fight him and stabs him in the throat. During the interview with Empire Magazine, Russell explained how Ridley came up to him and said there was no way his character could live; it just made for a better story and ending. It's a hard point to argue with considering the film's popularity.

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