Russell Crowe Goes Viral On Twitter After Social Media User Trashes His 2003 Classic Master And Commander

Russell Crowe Goes Viral On Twitter After Social Media User Trashes His 2003 Classic Master And Commander
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Russell Crowe has been in some critically acclaimed films, that much is for certain. Crowe first came to prominence in a big way in the year 2000 with Gladiator, the film in which he co-starred opposite Joaquin Phoenix who was also hailed for his performance (arguably one of his best to date, besides  Joker).

Approximately 3 years later, Crowe returned with another banger, Master and Commander: The Far Side Of The World , and while it wasn't quite as popular as Gladiator , it still secured very significant praise, especially from the Oscars that year, scooping up a whopping 10 nominations.

Recently, the 56-year-old actor was on Twitter to respond to a comment from a fan who apparently thought it was boring. On the 17th of January, Russell's tweet went viral after someone claimed that the movie was so boring that it was like taking Xanax.

The tweet started off by saying that a lot of people have been struggling to get to sleep at night amid the pandemic, so they should just watch Russell's Master and Commander instead. "I've never made it past the ten-minute mark," the tweet read, before going on to urge people to thank Russell for the sleeping pill in movie-format.

You can check out part of this exchange below:

When Russell finally replied, he stated that the user's comment was part of what was the "problem with kids these days." Crowe joked that they had no "focus," and Peter's film was "brilliant."

Russell went on to praise some of the main figures associated with the film, including Russell Boyd and Peter Weir. He said the movie had "incredible cinematography," and an excellent soundtrack. "Definitely an adult's movie," Crowe added. Many of the actor's fans responded in defense of him and the film, including Josh Gad, who suggested it was one of the greats.

In other news, Russell was in the headlines when it was reported that a movie he was starring in, Unhinged , would be the first movie of 2020 back in theaters following the coronavirus pandemic that saw the lockdown all around the world.

Surprisingly, Unhinged managed to perform modestly well despite many closures.

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