Russell Crowe Criticizes 'Hunt And Kill' Attitude In Journalism - Claims Social Media Isn't Doing Anybody Any Good

Russell Crowe Criticizes 'Hunt And Kill' Attitude In Journalism - Claims Social Media Isn't Doing Anybody Any Good
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Russell Crowe isn't a fan of what modern journalism has become. Harper's Bazaar claims that in a new interview, Crowe explained how tabloid journalism has crept into traditional reporting, leading to a "hunt-and-kill attitude."

Just before the release of his new movie, Unhinged, Russell Crowe spoke with The Hill during a Zoom Q&A about the changes in modern media and the effects on the culture including people's lives. Crowe also criticized the way in which media organizations don't apologize when they occasionally get things wrong.

The 56-year-old says that people on social media tend to feel the need to have a very angry response to a headline right away . The actor added, "and all of this is not taking us anywhere good."

Reportedly, Russell's new movie, Unhinged , will come out in theaters on the 21st of August, making it the first theatrical release in Hollywood ever since the pandemic led to movie theater closures all over the country and the world.

Apparently, Russell's comments may have data to back them. According to a new study from the Pew Research Center, 71% of Americans feel "angry" about the state of the country, whereas 66% feel fear. Another study from 2018 showed that people were finding it challenging to distinguish fact from opinion.

Individuals who participated in the study were presented with factually correct statements and mere opinions, and they were asked to distinguish between them. Only a quarter approximately were able to differentiate between facts and opinions.

Regarding the state of the movie industry, AMC has reported a loss of half-a-billion dollars in the second quarter. Even though the business has been tough over the last few months, the AMC CEO, Adam Aron, said people are eager to consume new content.

He's hopeful for the long-term. Moreover, a recent study says 77% of Americans are looking forward to going back to the theaters once they reopen, with just 1% saying they'll never go to one ever again.

As most know, entertainment venues were closed first once the quarantine restrictions were first mandated by state and federal governments.

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