Russell Crowe Allegedly Will Bow Out Of The Public Eye Until He Has Lost Weight

Russell Crowe Allegedly Will Bow Out Of The Public Eye Until He Has Lost Weight
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Russell Crowe, the star actor who came to prominence in the film-making business with his role in the 2000 period film, Gladiator, apparently has appeared unrecognizable to his recent fans after he had to put on some serious weight for a movie role.

In fact, sources who spoke with Page Six explained that Russell intends on bowing out of the public eye for the time being to lose some weight and get his swag back.

The source who spoke with them claimed that people haven't seen Russell in the limelight lately because he's trying to shed some pounds so he looks like the stud he once was. Fans of the actor know that he's not averse to changing his body for roles.

Additionally, reports have stated that Russell had to pack on the food for his new thriller, Unhinged, following his successful stint as the CEO of Fox, Roger Ailes. As it was previously reported, Russell had to star as Roger Ailes in the mini-series, The Loudest Voice.

Regarding the Oscar winner's lifestyle, the source stated that Russell felt very embarrassed by the pictures of him looking overweight. The star apparently likes to eat steak and loves to eat junk food. However, the recent photos of him looking vulnerable hurt his ego.

Reportedly, when the photos of Russell hanging out at the Bar Roma in Sydney Airport were published in the media, Russell felt embarrassed by the fact his stomach was protruding out of his shirt. Furthermore, it didn't help that he was sticking his hand in the backside of his sweatpants.

Despite the fact Crowe won a Golden Globe for his performance in the aforementioned mini-series, Russell skipped out on the event due to the wildfires in Australia at the time.

Russell was also busy hanging out with his family following his divorce, which has taken time away from his career. The actor, these days, likes to spend time with his family and does so whenever he can.

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