Russell Brand Opens Up About His Heartbreak One Day After Ex-Wife Katy Perry's Pregnancy Announcement

Russell Brand Opens Up About His Heartbreak One Day After Ex-Wife Katy Perry's Pregnancy Announcement
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Just one day after Katy Perry revealed she was expecting a baby with her fiance Orlando Bloom, her ex-husband Russell Brand opened up about the heartbreak in his life. The 44-year-old comedian took to Instagram to share a five-minute video clip titled “How I Got Over Heartbreak,” and in the caption he asked his 1.8 million followers if they’ve ever had their heart broken.

The video opens with Brand sitting and facing the camera while talking about broken hearts. He said it’s a terrible revelation to know that you’ve invested your well-being in another person and life hasn’t gone the way that you wanted it to go.

“I’ve experienced heartbreak most of my life,” Brand confessed in the video. “Now I’m in my 40s so I can look back at heartbreak when I was 15, heartbreak when I was 12, heartbreak when I was 11, heartbreak in my 20s and 30s. You know sort of right into like until when I got married. Just getting my heart broken again and again.”

Brand opined that in his case, he got his heart broken repeatedly because he likes to be in the outside, and by default he would turn to drug addiction and alcoholism. He admitted that he’s “not good at sitting with myself.”

The comedian says that he invests in the people he falls in love with via silent obsession, zeal, and devotion. He admitted that he has a reputation for being promiscuous, and he noted that he used to “really fall in love with people.”

Brand advised his followers to spend time on themselves when they get their heart broken. He suggested a silent retreat or meditation after a breakup, but recognized that people do fall back into patterns and will experience heartbreak again unless they change their habits and examine the reason why it keeps happening.

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star concluded his video by saying that he has been so “whooped and whipped and cowed by life” to the point that he can only apply sacred devotion to the sacred.

Russell Brand was married to Katy Perry from 2010 to 2012. He married Laura Gallacher in 2017. Just one day before Perry’s pregnancy announcement, Brand told his audience during a comedy show Q&A that the singer is “a lovely human being.”

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