Running From The Law! Justin Bieber Flees After Violent Attack

Running From The Law! Justin Bieber Flees After Violent Attack

As it turns out, after Justin Bieber physically attacked someone he fled the scene before the police even arrived. Now, it looks like the singer will not be charged with the crime either.

The 22 year old star was at his producer’s pre-Grammy party at Serafina over the weekend with Kyle Massey when things got a bit out of hand.

At around 2 AM, when he was reportedly playing around with the Dancing with the Stars alum someone started recording him.

The temperamental singer tried to keep his calm in that situation and at first only politely asked the intrusive person to stop filming him. However, the spy didn’t even have the time to react in any way and his one second hesitation was enough for Bieber to think the worst – that he would refuse to stop recording. Almost immediately after asking them to stop, Justin Bieber simply lunged at them to make sure the nosy person is done filming – and also teach them a lesson.

He headbutted the victim in retaliation and someone quickly called the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The police arrived quickly and assessed the situation.

“Deputies interviewed the victim who refused medical attention and stated he did not want to file a police report,” the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

“Deputies did not see any visible marks on the victim. The witness also stated, the bartenders involved in the altercation with Mr. Bieber had left the location prior to deputies’ arrival and did not want to file a police report.”

The details of the violent attack remain a mystery even for those present.

“I’m not even sure [what happened],” his producer, Poo Bear stated. “I’m not even clear on it. I’m still trying to figure it out myself.”

“I did not see it happen,” he added. “But I heard that it was definitely an accident. It wasn’t anything that was intentional.”

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