Rumors Swirl That Sabrina Parr Hooked Up With Tristan Thompson -- Lamar Odom's Fiance Slams His Ex-Manager

Rumors Swirl That Sabrina Parr Hooked Up With Tristan Thompson -- Lamar Odom's Fiance Slams His Ex-Manager
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Sabrina Parr and Lamar Odom will be making their way down the aisle soon but it seems that his former manager wants to expose the personal trainer before they tie the knot. In a recent interview with The National Enquirer, Zoul El Fassi claimed that Sabrina hooked up with Tristan Thompson multiple times and that Lamar is only with her to spite Khloe Kardashian.

Zoul managed the athlete for years until he started dating his lady love. Now that they're business relationship has gone sour, El Fassi is spilling alleged secrets.

'As time progressed, she personally told me she had been in an affair with Tristan while he was in a relationship with Khloe. She said she had sex with Tristan four times during his relationship with Khloe. They know each other. They’ve had confrontations about Tristan. She allegedly had a fight with Khloe on the phone,' she told the magazine.

Recently, Odom's social media was hacked. Sabrina not only denies her alleged tryst with Tristan but also believes that Zoul was behind the hacking.

Sabrina is not letting the gossip get to her because she thinks Zoul is only going to these lengths to slander her because she's in love with Lamar.

Parr addressed the Instagram hack on her Christmas post.

' Peace and joy is all I wanted for Christmas and that’s exactly what I received! While Lamar’s crazy ex-manager was busy hacking his page lol we continued to enjoy ourselves and create memories! I received thousands of messages the past few days of ppl letting me know his page was hacked (as if I wasn’t aware of it lol) but instead of using up our time trying to recover it and feeding into someone who is clearly sick and miserable, we decided to let it go and focus on family time instead. That’s how you prevent anyone from robbing you of your peace. Just make the decision to not let it happen! It’s an amazing feeling to know there’s something chaotic going on but you can contain your calm in the midst of it! What was the most amazing thing about your Holiday????'

What do you think of this messy situation?

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