Rumors Swirl That Kim Kardashian Is Planning To Adopt A Child!

Rumors Swirl That Kim Kardashian Is Planning To Adopt A Child!
Credit: Source: Complex

After reaching almost billionaire status , Kim Kardashian is looking at the next phase of her life. This includes becoming a lawyer and possibly a mom to a child in need.

A new report claims that Kim has told her close family and friends that she is looking to adopt.

Heat Magazine reported: ' Kim is dead set on adopting. She's done some research and wants to make it happen this year or early 2021. There's no real preference in terms of gender- she's more interested in giving a home to a child in need. She's told herself she'll know what's right once she starts visiting orphanages.'

The article went on to say that for once she will not be publicizing the process.

'Kim wants to do the whole thing in a low-key manner. She may decide to subtly address it on the TV show but she's past the point of wanting to publicize every intimate aspect of her life. Especially with things the way they are in her marriage.'

This comes after Kim had complications with her first two pregnancies and used a surrogate for her last two children. Quarantine is driving the working mom crazy having to spend most of her day with her four young ones.


She recently stated that she's done with kids.

'I LOVE my babies so much but 4 is all I can handle with how busy I am, and each one of my babies needs so much attention,' she wrote in her Instagram Story.

However, Kanye has been dead set on having a huge family. Adopting would be different from anything they've done before but it will definitely have some challenges of its own.

This news comes soon after the couple quieted rumors that they were headed for divorce. The couple posted photos of them together after they celebrated Kanye's birthday.

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