Rumor Has It That Nicki Minaj Used To Abuse Safaree Samuels

Rumor Has It That Nicki Minaj Used To Abuse Safaree Samuels
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Nicki Minaj was the subject of conversation between VladTV and Godfrey recently, especially her relationships with the rapper, Safaree Samuels and Kenneth Petty. Fans of the rapper know that Nicki has been the subject of much online ridicule over her choice in men, especially regarding Kenneth "Zoo" Petty.

For instance, the Barbz - the name for Minaj's massive fanbase - have taken Mr. Petty to task for his very tumultuous past, including manslaughter charges as well as his status as a registered sex offender. Godfrey joked with Vlad that he easily could get with Nicki considering her relationship history.

Among their various jokes about Nicki and her choice in men included a serious comment from Vlad where he claimed he sat down with the reality star from Love and Hip-Hop: New York. During their chat, Safaree revealed Nicki was "verbally abusive."

Moreover, Vlad said there was something to be said about a relationship in which the woman was making more money than the man. Vlad and the comedian also talked about all of the items Nicki has purportedly purchased for Kenneth since they got married.

They suggested she was buying him luxurious fashion items to make sure he looked good. Vlad went on to say that Mr. Petty doesn't have a job, and his only profession is "to have sex with Nicki Minaj."

Furthermore, Vlad came to bat for Samuels, claiming he was both an "artist" and wasn't a "punk" either. The host stated that Nicki was challenging him on his "manhood" and there isn't a person on earth that wants that kind of thing.

In the same clip, Godfrey claimed Kenneth clearly isn't the type of guy who has any aspirations, other than to be dating an international superstar.

Before Nicki was in a relationship with Kenneth, she also dated Meek Mill, who apparently still has a lot of feelings for her. However, their relationship has since been fraught with drama and problems, including a run-in between Meek, Kenneth, and Nicki at a clothing store.

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