Rumer Willis Puts Her Flawless Physique On Full Display As She Promotes Kim Kardashian's Skims

Rumer Willis Puts Her Flawless Physique On Full Display As She Promotes Kim Kardashian's Skims
Credit: Source: Rumer Willis/Instagram

Rumer Willis put her flawless physique on full display in new Instagram photos where the Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) winner modeled Kim Kardashian's Skims' underwear including a bralette and a pair of cotton rib boxer shorts. Rumer Willis is outspoken about body positivity and she shared the photos along with a lengthy message of love and appreciation for her body. Like many people who are at home during the Coronavirus pandemic, Rumer is struggling with finding the discipline to stay on track with healthy weight goals as well as the temptation to overeat and she shared the post to let herself know that she thanks her body and appreciates it for all that it does.

The struggle or fight between body and mind is a real one and many times emotions can come into play and cause us to treat our bodies in a negative manner.

Rumer stated the following.

"This is just an appreciation post for my body 💪🏼because I think it’s important to celebrate ourselves. Not because we lost weight or we are a certain size or because we have a rare moment when a photo looks “how we think it should to be accepted by mainstream"

Revealing that she had just finished a workout, Rumer continued to explain that she wanted to celebrate her body for the good it does and not focus on what she viewed as "perceived flaws."
Rumer stated the following.

"When we look in the mirror or at a photo we usually just go to all the things “wrong” not the unique beauty. I had a moment today after I worked out and I took this picture and I tried just for a moment to just see all the amazing things and not my “perceived flaws". I took a moment to acknowledge myself and my body and how much it does and I said thank you for being just as you are and even just for today I release the idea that to be beautiful or desirable you have to be anything other that what you are right now. I wanted to share this in hopes that maybe it may inspire you to do the same🤎"

You may see the photo that Rumer Willis shared below.

Here is another photo of Rumer Willis where she is showcasing her flawless figure and focusing on body positivity.

What do you think about Rumer Willis' message? Did you need to hear that today?

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