Rumer Willis Breaks Silence On Mom Demi Moore’s Truth Bomb Dropping Memoir

Rumer Willis Breaks Silence On Mom Demi Moore’s Truth Bomb Dropping Memoir
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Rumer Willis is breaking her silence on her mom Demi Moore's bombshell dropping memoir.

Inside Out not only dished all about the life of the Ghost star but her family too. Moore has been blessed to have her family's support as she shared intimate details of their lives. Until today, her kids and two ex-husbands have kept silence regarding the tell-all book.

Moore and Bruce Willis' oldest daughter was a guest host on The Talk, and she was singing her mom's praises. There is no way the ladies couldn't have Rumer on and not ask about the book.

"I think so many women have watched her, and just as her daughters watch her, as this beacon of strength and this kind of leader. What I really respect about her is that she is never the victim in her stories. She takes accountability. She takes responsibility, and mind you, this is her perspective, her story, and she's the first one to say that," the 31-year-old expressed.

Rumer is proud of her mother of showing other people, especially women, that life goes on even after traumatic situations. By telling her truth, Moore is proving that it is possible to survive even the most horrific times in life.

"She's allowing herself to show everyone that you can go through some really difficult, hard things, and you can still be someone who is thriving and taking accountability and just being a strong survivor," Rumer stated.

Moore reveals in the book that she was so lost after her marriage to Ashton Kutcher fell apart . She relapsed using drugs and alcohol again after 22 years of sobriety. The choices Moore made during that time deeply impacted Rumer, Scout age 28, and Tallulah age 25, who refused to speak to their mom back then.

Even Bruce Willis chose to distance himself from his ex-wife during that time frame. Rumer did not speak about that specific bombshell in her mom's book. It reportedly took years for the actress to get healthy and mend the broken relationships with her children, as well as Bruce.

Inside of focusing on a specific story from the memoir, Rumer Willis is praising Demi Moore for owning her mistakes. She is proud of her mom for coming clean, being honest, and not being afraid to share the good with the bad. There is certainly a lot of shocking details in the tell-all.

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