Rudy Giuliani Called The Police On Sacha Baron Cohen After The Borat Star Tried To Prank Him

Rudy Giuliani Called The Police On Sacha Baron Cohen After The Borat Star Tried To Prank Him

Rudy Giuliani says he called the New York Police Department on Sacha Baron Cohen, the Borat star, after he tried to prank him with an interview. Giuliani says he was wearing a pink bikini and the entire altercation was incredibly "absurd."

Reportedly, the ex-mayor and lawyer for the president thought he was doing an interview this week on Tuesday at the Mark Hotel regarding the administration's response to the coronavirus.

Rudy said he was offered money for the interview, but Rudy suggested the funds go to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Giuliani said the interview started off with a female journalist who threw him a bunch of easy questions.

However, it suddenly turned awry when Sacha Baron Cohen stormed into the room wearing a pink bikini which he described as a "pink transgender outfit."

Rudy claimed the outfit was "absurd," and he definitely wouldn't describe his appearence as "distractingly attractive." The 76-year-old went on to say that he initially didn't know who it was, and he believed it was either a scam or a robbery.

Rudy says he reported the incident to the police and Sacha ran away. Sources claim the 48-year-old, Cohen, sprinted out of the venue down 77th street. He wasn't detained by the police, although, they did arrive at the scene.

Giuliani said that he later understood it was Sacha Baron Cohen, and immediately felt better about himself because he wasn't fooled like other politicians and celebrities. Rudy went on to say that he liked Cohen's movies, especially Borat.

The politician then went on to quote one of his lines and said it was pretty funny. As it was previously reported, Cohen was in the headlines earlier this year when he stormed a political rally in the United States.

Reports claimed it was for a right-wing organization, the Three Percenters. During his performance in which he dressed himself up as a stereotypical hillbilly, Cohen sang about COVID-19 and the evils of the World Health Organization.


Cohen has been working on a new project, Who Is America?, which sources claim may be the reason for the actor's continued appearances in the headlines. 


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