Rude Giuliana Rancic Back on the Golden Globes Red Carpet

Rude Giuliana Rancic Back on the Golden Globes Red Carpet

Giuliana Rancic is known for her nightmare interviews and she is now back, ready to annoy and even insult the stars on the Golden Globes red carpet this year. It is safe to say that her return is nothing less than dreaded by pretty much everyone.

Rancic’s return in 2017 happened after two years of staying away from the spotlight because of a series of embarrassing situations in 2015.

According to a source close to the event, “Ugh, so many people are dreading Giuliana coming back.”

The 42 year old E! host was scheduled to join Ryan Seacrest for the award show coverage.

Rancic needs to have a talk filter because in the past, her comment about Zendaya’s hair at the Oscars made her seems ignorant and racist. The scandal led to her being downgraded to just award show specials and fired from the news desk. According to insiders that was all for the best.

“There is so much drama with Giuliana, so when she comes back it is a huge difference,” stated the source.

“Giuliana is not everyone’s favorite,” the source furthered. “Things are so much easier when she isn’t around. Some people really hate her!”

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, the dreaded host had a double mastectomy. Recently, in December 2016, Rancic revealed that the recovery process has been going well and that she’s been disease free for five years.

"For me, this week marks a new beginning. I breathe a sigh of relief as I come to the end of this five-year marathon and cross the most significant finish line of my life so far. I can now declare, with immense gratitude and God's love, that I can feel the sun shining on my face,” posted Rancic on her Instagram.

“Some people don’t want to deal with Guiliana, it is really a hassle and creates so much more work,” shared the insider about her return.


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  • Robbie Scheppert
    Robbie Scheppert Jul 5, 2017 9:36 AM PDT

    She is not rude in her interviews at award shows!! I have no idea WHAT people have against her. The comment she made about some girl that I've never seen before is long done & over with. If we what to keep gruges then let's see who all at some point & time misspoke... Paula Deen said more than she EVER did and we gave here. Come on let it rest!?

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