Ruby Rose Shares Terrifying Story Of Almost Getting Irreversibly Paralyzed During The Filming Of 'Batwoman'

Ruby Rose Shares Terrifying Story Of Almost Getting Irreversibly Paralyzed During The Filming Of 'Batwoman'
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The Australian actress was nearly left paralyzed while shooting for Batwoman and she is now opening up about the scary injuries! Ruby Rose put her life on the line for the role – literally – and while on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, she told the host all about her experience.

The 33-year-old star was on the popular talk show to promote CW’s Batwoman.

During the interview, she talked about suffering an almost irreversible injury to her spine.

‘So, I did a stunt for a very extended amount of time, like seven hours, and we thought that I'd broken a rib, or just fractured a rib and that was, like, six to 12 weeks of healing. So, then I had six to 12 weeks of chronic pain and was just assuming that that's what it was… I kept seeing these doctors and they said, 'It's your neck, it's your neck. It just radiates into these places because of nerve endings,’ Rose told Jimmy.

She went on to say that: ‘I finally got an MRI and… and basically he called me and was like, 'You could become a paraplegic. 'This is your spine. Two of your discs have herniated. And they've broken all of the protective layers. You have this tiny amount where your spine is not severed and if you don't get back, you could become a paraplegic.’’ So scary!

She'd also previously shared the story on her social media along with a terrifying video taken in the hospital. Viewer discretion is advised!

Her health scare really got her to think more about medical problems others may have.

For instance, ‘how do people pay for the surgery if they need it?’

Indeed, she reflected on the fact that a lot of other people may have the same diagnostic as her but not have the same luck to afford or have insurance for the procedure they need.

After all, as she mentioned, it was not cheap at all!

It turns out that her insurance did not even pay for it but Rose was grateful that she had the funds herself!

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