Ruby Rose Addresses Batwoman Exit Controversy - 'Those Who Know, Know'

Ruby Rose Addresses Batwoman Exit Controversy - 'Those Who Know, Know'
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Ruby Rose surprisingly left her lead role on The CW's Batwoman earlier this year, which shocked many fans. At the time of the news, it wasn't entirely clear why she left the set of the series, however, many speculated it was because she didn't like filming in Vancouver, British Columbia, while others argued it was due to her accident the previous year.

According to The Daily Beast, Ruby Rose recently addressed the controversy on her social media, but she kept her answer very vague. As it was previously reported, Rose announced her departure this past week, saying she would no longer be returning for the second season.

Ruby Rose's Kate Kane was television's first queer superhero but despite its groundbreaking theme, reports suggested that it wasn't entirely her decision to leave. Sources close to the production claimed Ruby was increasingly unhappy filming the show.

Insiders claimed she was clearly unhappy, and it made it very unpleasant for other crew and cast members. On her Instagram Wednesday night, Rose thanked everyone for watching the show, and she additionally stated, "it wasn't an easy decision, but those who know, know."

Rose went on to say that she chose to stay silent on the matter because it's her right to do so. Regardless, she said the next season would be great with or without her.

At the time of the news of her departure, Deadline reported that Rose's exit from Batwoman was agreed upon by producers and other executives.

The team working on Batwoman was not happy working with her because she wasn't happy either. In other words, it wasn't a beneficial atmosphere. The source shared that it was not "a good fit," and they decided it was best for her to leave.

As it was noted above, other sources said a big part of her decision to leave was her injury in 2019 which left her in the hospital and needing surgery. While on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon , Rose said she had to get an operation and she was nearly paralyzed.

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