Royalty Brown Proves She's Just As Talented As Her Dad Chris Brown In New Singing Video!

Royalty Brown Proves She's Just As Talented As Her Dad Chris Brown In New Singing Video!
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Chris Brown's daughter, Royalty, has definitely inherited his artistic talent! The little girl showed off her vocals while singing along to a song in a clip on social media!

Royalty Brown has a bright future ahead of her no matter what she chooses to do when she grows up.

However, it wouldn't be surprising at all if she ended up following in her famous dad's footsteps and chose a career in the music industry!

After all, the 6 year old is confident, charismatic and already an impressive performer!

In a new clip Chris posted on his platform, Royalty can be seen showing off her great vocal range and it's safe to say that it impressed all of his followers!

It was even more impressive since she had earphones in, not able to properly hear herself while singing along to a tune.

Despite that, she belted perfectly 'Baby girl, baby girl, baby girl…,' before proceeding to expand her voice and sing the same lyrics once more.

The child can also be seen smiling brightly after showing off her talent and it really looks like she enjoys singing a lot!

At the time, Royalty was sitting down with one more person watching her but she was still filled with so much confidence to the point that she looked ready for the stage!

Her whole aura reminded fans of her dad's own charisma while performing for his huge audience.

It makes perfect sense that the man could not help but share the singing moment with the world.

Besides, while his followers were definitely surprised, it's not exactly the first time Royalty shows off her skills online.

She has also danced in front of the camera before and she's great at that as well!

Do you think she should pursue a music career like her dad or not?


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