Roy Halladay's Wife Says She Was "Against" Him Flying An Airplane

Roy Halladay's Wife Says She Was "Against" Him Flying An Airplane
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A month before Roy Halladay died in a tragic plane crash, he and his wife, Brandy, talked about her fears of flying and anxiety over the possible death of the former baseball player. In an October video obtained by the publication Us Weekly, Roy said his wife "fought me the whole way."

Brandy said she "fought hard," and was "very against it." According to the wife of the Major League Baseball player, she "didn't grow up the way Roy did" and wasn't used to the idea of airplanes.

It appears as though her fears were sadly justified, as Celebrity Insider reported yesterday that the former Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies pitcher died in a plane crash in the Gulf of Mexico near the coast of Florida on the 7th of November.

Roy was 40-years-old when he passed and left behind his two sons, Ryan and Brayden, with his spouse, Brandy.

Shortly after his tragic death, both teams released their respective statements expressing grief over the sad loss.

The Phillies wrote that they are "numb over the very tragic news" while the Toronto Blue Jays said there were "no words to describe the sadness" that the Jays and their fans feel after the announcement.

Both teams send their condolences to Roy's family. After Roy's crash, many fans on Twitter commemorated the former Phillie star with tweets like, "Roy made me love baseball."

It's a sad day for baseball fans, and we pass along our condolences to Roy's family, friends, fans, and acquaintances.

Roy had an illustrious fifteen-year career with both the Phillies and the Toronto Blue Jays. Shortly after he retired, he embarked on his mission of getting a pilot's license and flying a single-engine airplane.

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