Rosie O’Donnell Calls Kelly Ripa 'Mean' - Still Beefing 12 Years After Their Feud!

Rosie O’Donnell Calls Kelly Ripa 'Mean' - Still Beefing 12 Years After Their Feud!
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It’s been 12 years since Rosie O’Donnell accused Kelly Ripa of being homophobic against Clay Aiken but it looks like the feud between the two women is not yet over! The former The View co-host made it very clear that they are still beefing!

This is what Ramin Setoodeh’s tell-all, Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of The View claims.

As you may remember, back in 2006, during a Live With Regis and Kelly co-host stint, the American Idol star put his hand over Ripa’s mouth prompting her to say: ‘I don’t know where that’s been, honey.’

During the next day’s The View episode, O’Donnell called Kelly ‘homophobic’ for her remark.

Then, Ripa called to argue with her and that is how their bad blood started.

It has been more than a decade since the 2006 incident, but O’Donnell has clearly not buried the hatchet.

US Weekly has obtained a fragment from the new book in which Rosie says: ‘I think Kelly Ripa is mean and she doesn’t like me, and she has never wanted to discuss what happened. She wanted to have this weird feud.’

She went on to argue that, under different circumstances, the two would’ve bonded through her All My Children lineage: ‘She’s the girl from Pine Valley. She and her husband met on the show. That’s my f***ing sweet spot. I would have loved her my whole life. I see her at concerts sometimes. She just looks away.’

As for her words, Kelly has defended herself before, saying: ‘He reached across and covered my mouth with his hand. I have 3 kids. He is shaking hands with everybody in the audience. I mean, it is cold and flu season. That is what I meant. And to imply that [the comment was] homophobic is outrageous.'

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