Rosie O'Donnell And Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Writing 'Spicy' Trump Biography

Rosie O'Donnell And Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Writing 'Spicy' Trump Biography
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Page Six reported earlier this week that Michael Cohen, who once served as Donald Trump's lawyer, is writing a book about the exploits of the president of the United States. Cohen worked as his attorney for many years before he went to prison.

New reports from the outlet revealed that he is now working with Rosie O'Donnell, Trump's nemesis, in gathering information and writing the novel. During a conversation with The Daily Beast, O'Donnell claimed she went to speak with Michael for a few hours while he was behind bars.

They are working on a book that she described as "pretty spicy." Rosie claims Michael has been working on it for a while incarcerated and hopes it'll get out to the public before the election. Ironically, Cohen, himself, was accused of lying to Congress and making illegal bribes.

According to O'Donnell, she wrote Trump's former lawyer a letter and he was so moved by it that he "started crying." It was on the day that Trump was unsuccessfully impeached. In the letter, Rosie claims she thought it was "mind-boggling" that Cohen was sent to prison for doing what his boss told him to do.

Regarding what they talked about, Cohen and Rosie discussed how he got involved with Trump and his family. She claims Cohen said it's like a "cult." Rosie has written her own successful memoirs, and for that reason, he has been taking O'Donnell's advice.

Even though Rosie and Cohen haven't always gotten along, O'Donnell claimed she could always relate to him in a way because she said he looked like someone she grew up with.

According to Rosie, Michael grew up on Long Island the same way she did. Rosie went on to ask out loud how Cohen ever got involved with a "charlatan" like Trump.

As it was previously reported, this past month, Cohen tried to get out of prison amid the coronavirus pandemic. A judge denied the request, arguing that he needed to serve the time for the crimes he committed. He's not the only public figure to ask for an early release either.


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