Rosie O'Donnell And Elizabeth Rooney Call It Quits On Their Two-Year Romance

Rosie O'Donnell And Elizabeth Rooney Call It Quits On Their Two-Year Romance
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Rosie O’Donnell and her fiancée Elizabeth Rooney have called off their engagement and split after more than two years together. Both O’Donnell and Rooney have scrubbed their Instagram pages clean of any pics that include each other, and earlier this month in an interview, O’Donnell said that she had no wedding plans with Rooney after a whirlwind engagement.

According to Radar Online, multiple sources have confirmed that the couple has called it quits and the publication pointed out that the 57-year-old comedian and talk show host hasn’t talked about her 34-year-old fiancée “in a while.”

O’Donnell started dating Rooney in 2017, and at the time she gushed about her girlfriend during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show.

“I am in love,” said O’Donnell. “It’s the first time I’ve dated someone younger than me and it’s a very trippy thing. I get along with her so well. It’s kind of fascinating. The one thing that she doesn’t know? [Barbra] Streisand. I made her watch Funny Girl. She’s like, ‘It was good.’ I’m like, ‘Come on!’”

Just one year later O’Donnell proposed to the Massachusetts police officer, and Rooney showed off her engagement ring on Instagram in October 2018. But now, all mentions of O’Donnell are gone - including the “R” and diamond ring emoji in her bio.

O’Donnell explained to Us Weekly when she announced her engagement that she and Rooney were waiting to plan their wedding because O’Donnell’s six-year-old daughter Dakota - who has autism - needed more time to get to know Rooney and make her part of her daily routine.

The Celebrity Detox author said that she had a routine going with Dakota where Rooney would come visit every five days and then stay for a few days. She admitted it was a slow process, but it’s what was best for her daughter. O’Donnell was proud that Dakota had started to tell people that she has two brothers, two sisters, and two mommies.

O’Donnell said that Dakota was “kind of in the vibe of it,” but when you have a child with special needs you try to go in a different place. And, holding off on the wedding plans wasn’t just good for Dakota, it’s what was best for everyone.

Rosie O’Donnell has been married twice and has five children. She and Kelli Carpenter tied the knot in 2004, and they were married for three years and share four children - Parker, 24, Chelsea, 22, Blake, 19, and Vivienne, 16. O’Donnell was married to Michelle Rounds from 2012 to 2016, and she had Dakota with her. However, Rounds committed suicide in September 2017.

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