Roseanne Barr Mocks #MeToo Movement Labels Accusers “Hos”

Roseanne Barr Mocks #MeToo Movement Labels Accusers “Hos”
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In a recent interview, disgraced TV star Roseanne Barr mocked the #MeToo movement referring to accusers as "hos."

Barr sat down with conservative commentator Candace Owens on Sunday in the new podcast, The Candace Owens Show , where she shared her insight into the #MeToo. She had some harsh words for the accusers, especially those who came out with allegations against Louis C.K. for sexual misconduct. One of her biggest complaints is that the women in some cases chose to be alone with men, in private places like hotel rooms.

The former Roseanne star labels the accusers in the #MeToo movement as “hos” based on their judgment of being alone with these men. She has a whole theory when it comes to what is going on, and she did not hold back during the interview.

"Well, cause they're hos. If you don't run out the room, and go, ‘Excuse me, you don't talk to me that way, you don't do that to me, excuse me,' and leave, but you stayed around because you're like ‘I thought maybe he was gonna give me a writing job,' well you ain't nothing but a ho. They're pretending that they didn't go to trade sexual favors for money," ranted Barr.

Her opinion is not a popular one. However, Barr claims to know first-hand how women operate and not because she is one. Oh no, her insight into females is from raising two sons.

The comedian explains that she knows a ho when she sees one because they come for her boys, ages 23 and 40, all the time. Apparently, since she has money the "hos" come out of the woodwork for her sons. Barr also shared she has an eagle eye when it comes to women.

Owens did not disagree with Roseanne Barr's theory, but she did also add her thoughts. She feels women are jumping on the bandwagon as a means of getting the career they hoped for years ago. Her insight is different but still slams the #MeToo movement. Neither one of the women's words sat too well with people. Social media was in an uproar after the podcast was uploaded.


It was quite an interview full of interesting thoughts from Barr. She even went after Kamala Harris claiming, "Harris slept her way to the bottom." Whether you agree with her or not, one thing is for sure Barr does not hold back on her opinion even if it is not a popular one.

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